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   Greentropics Coffeee Enterprise is a family owned and operated company and has been expanding rapidly. We have been in the coffee business of exporting and supplying green and roasted coffee since 1998. We have a passion both for business and nurturing nature.  Greentropics Coffee Enterprise practices Fair Trade, which means we deal directly with farmers to avoid unnecessary traders & middlemen.   We believe in using technology to promote efficiency at community levels as a means to improving & sustaining business, in fact we are very active in the local community and much of our profits go directly into community development projects. We are hands on with each project and this is really more of our passion. As of now, we have been able to build two classrooms in the community for children in grades 1-3, 1 fresh water supply that runs from a mountain spring, and have provided these children and families with clothing, school supplies and lively-hood. We also teach them how to farm other crops and how to make their own concrete bricks so that they can build stronger homes. Greentropics Coffee innovates and re-invents, we are culture driven and people centered.
    As of now, Greentropics Coffee Enterprise has over 400 hectares of coffee plantation which yields 6,000 kilos of Philippine Arabica and 10,000 kilos of Robusta annually. Our coffee plantation is located in the SOCKSARGEN region on a protected mountain preserve. This region and the climate of the location make our coffee one of the best around as far as quality is concerned and all our coffee is 100% organic. In addition to that, we also have an abundant supply of Mindanao Civet Coffee (known locally as Kafe Balos) also known in other parts of the globe as "Kopi Luwak". This coffee is esteemed as being the "most expensive coffee in the world" and "one of the best in taste" according to coffee conesiours worldwide! Kafe Balos/Kopi Luwak is widely known as one of the "world’s finest and richest coffee" to date, and has held this prestige title for many years. Any serious coffee drinkers or even those who have the adventurous spirit of trying something new, you owe it to yourself to try this delicious drink! As of now we harvest anywhere from 2000-3000 kilos of the civet/alamid coffee annually. All of our cats are protected and roam free throughout the forest land, so none of them are caged or harmed in any way. As of the last count, there were over 2,500 wild Asian palm civets roaming the area.
    A few of our current partners/customers include Kangaroo Coffee Shop, Coffee for Peace, Gregg Coffee, Nabeoka Trading Co Ltd (Japan) and we are currently in process of pursuing Korea as a new market. We are very passionate about what we do and stand behind our product 100%! If you can find a lower price with the same quality, we ask you to contact us first before making the purchase and we will compete with that price. Please visit us at our Facebook link below to learn more.


  God bless you,

  Greentropics Coffee Enterprise







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